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Colombia Tourist-Boom Article

The rainy season in Maranhao, Brasil.
Update: July 20th, 2007. Wow, so much has happened in the last 6 months. I've finished my trip - that means I'm temporarily done with long-distance touring, and living in Medellin, Colombia, running my backpacker hostel Casa Kiwi. After I arrived home last May, I was able to acquire the house next to mine, and have used the space to develop new wonderfully delightful, more luxurious, casa-hotel expansion wing onto the existing backpacker hostel. You can see new pictures on my hotel website:

I also cut off my long-hair in Buenos Aires. I sported a mullet (a.k.a. "whip cut" or "mud-flaps") for a couple of hours. That was a pretty momentous occasion.

Finally, the new Brasil section is up and running. It's not complete, but is an ambitious beginning. I'm hoping to add about 5 more pics before it's done. I hope you enjoy the endo!

May 25th, 2007. Medellin, Colombia. It feels great to be back home running my hostel again. After riding from Alaska to Argentina - though the Andes and then back north to Colombia through Brazil - it's time to hang my helmet up for a while and focus on my life and business here in Medellin.

February 2007: Yes folks, I'm back at work. My labor of love for those of you who can't get away from work. Somebody has to keep all of you entertained. That's why I'm out on my motorcycle again in South America gathering new moto-adventure material for this web-site.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy my ride from your study, university library, work-cube, Starbucks Wi-Fi on your Smartphone, or wherever else this moment finds you.

Hold on to your sombreros though, it will take a little while to prepare the next batch of photos. Check back now and then in the Buenos Aires, Patagonia, and Argentina sections for updates.
I hope you enjoy this new acticle (see link above) discusing the recent tourist boom in Colombia, home of my very own premier backpacker hostel, Casa Kiwi Hostel.
See you in Medellin!

During this phase you'll also be able to find new photos scattered thoughout the website. Remember to click on any photo to
view that photo in a larger size, in a new window.

Haines, Alaska to Ushuaia, Argentina by motorcycle

September 20th, 2002 to February 11th, 2006

3 years, 5 months. 61.000 kilometers

Been there, done that.

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